Te'Luvv - Free One (Album)

This is "Te'Luvv's" testimony, just a youth raised in Detroit, MI in a broken home ravaged by alcoholism & domestic violence, Te'Luvv overcame these obstacles and found the word of God his freshman year in college.  Since then he has been on a mission to spread the word & impact the lives of everyone who is lucky to surround him.  Supremely talented Emcee/Songwriter, Te'Luvv could very well of embarked on a mainstream music career and rapped about the same cliche' topics, but chose to deliver his powerful message through his words of wisdom, love and god.  His latest album "Free One" is full of scriptures, verses and uplifting words that are sure to motivate and change lives.  Te'Luvv has partnered with Sound Alive Records, to bring his music to life & reach new audiences around the world. Even if you're not into religion or Christian Rap, be sure to give the album a Listen.
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