Edelson Hip Hop Video “THE REBELLION” Shines Spotlight on Tom Girardi/Erika Jayne Scandal

Edelson PC, one of the leading plaintiffs’ law firms in the country, has taken a stand against corrupt practices in the legal industry with their latest music video, “The Rebellion.” Written by Ari “ARI.” Scharg, a partner at the firm and directed by Gabe Hostetler of Guerrilla Hollywood, the video focuses on the Tom Girardi/Erika Jayne scandal, celebrity culture, and the need for greater accountability and transparency in the legal industry. The video was produced by Mike Mihail of Guerrilla Hollywood. The song was produced through Edelson Creative, the firm’s platform for producing creative content outside of traditional legal work, and was released just days after celebrity lawyer Tom Girardi was indicted by federal prosecutors in both California and Illinois.
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