Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist ROWA, has released her ethereal new single “I’m Wild,” today. "I'm Wild" expresses a surreal interpretation of ROWA's experience as an artist, a pursuit that often feels like a never ending echo chamber in which it's hard to relate with the outside world. ROWA uses a unique play on words to represent the underlying meaning behind this strong and forward focused track. She explores her reality as a genre defying artist in the world of the mundane, and asks the listener to lift the veil and join her on her "wild side." "I'm Wild" is ROWA's attempt at a siren song asking listeners to join her in this new and exciting realm of music she is creating in an ever changing industry. ROWA shows she is the modern day interpretation of the "Wild Woman, " aka someone who would have been burned at the stake in a different generation. 

ROWA produced "I'm Wild" using Ableton Software and played both the guitar and synthesizer on the track. With a hauntingly deep bass line that gives the listener the feeling that there is more to come, the song is dripping in ear candy with lush guitar samples and a stackato pluck echoing perfectly over an 808 bass. Atop the bass and harmonic elements, are sophisticated beat compositions using unique percussive sounds creating a trap-like beat with unlikely yet sophisticated sounds. 

ROWA will be performing "I'm Wild" live at two pride focused events this week in Los Angeles. She will be accompanied by her very own dance troupe the "Naughty GXRLs," which consists of a group of professional dancers from Los Angeles that formed through friendship and a shared love for the performing arts. Friday June 23rd at Junior High Los Angeles, a space which prioritizes female, queer, non-binary and artists of color. June 24th at "Paradise Garage" a boutique queer art event held at new event space "Speed Los Angeles" alongside queer performers such as Violet Chachki and Satur9 Rising.  ROWA has been heavily active throughout PRIDE MONTH having performed a small tour of shows in New Orleans, Louisiana during Pride weekend. ROWA identifies as pansexual and is extremely active in the queer scene of artists in Los Angeles having performed with exciting peers such as Star Amerasu, Sevyn 0000, Violet Chachki and Izzy Speers. ROWA wishes to inspire other female music producers and queer people like herself to continue to pursue technical skills in music in a long male dominated industry.  

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