AJ Reynolds - "Let's Go"


AJ Reynolds consistently coming in full swing this year with his music bag.... Now is about to set the bar with Multi Platinum producer Brian "Nox" Eisner on his new Single "Lets Go". Hints of EDM, Hyper-pop & Hiphop flutter this record and give it that timeless taste as Nox masters his craft and paints the motivational vibes through production. Meanwhile AJ tells his story and implies it to your ears for you to reflect on and learn from. 

"I never started with anyone, had to go win to say I won" - AJ Reynolds

Never compare yourself to anybody but to open your mind to new conclusions, Ideas and end results of certain life situations and how to cope, grow and win with our flaws that emerge from these events. AJ constantly promotes positivity and motivation plans to change peoples look on Finances, Understanding the hustle of life & Mindset Being reality. 

AJ just dropped an album earlier this year called "You're on the right path" following 5 music videos and now breaking into the vault of hit singles stored away with Nox Beatz. What will we hear next from AJ Reynolds? Hopefully a summer smash like cheeks following this one. 

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