Exclusive Release: Mrs. 50 Cent casts Love Spell on 50 Cent & visits a VooDoo Priest on the Full Moon 8/1/2023


Exclusive Video: Mrs. 50 Cent Casts a Love Spell on 50 Cent and gets a reading from Voodoo doctor on the full moon.

By now most 50 Cent fans have seen his self-proclaimed Spiritual wife and self-proclaimed most loyal 50 Cent fan @Mrs50CentKweennwo in his comments professing her undying love for 50 Cent. To pay homage to 50 Cent, the artist Mrs50Cent wrote a tribute to 50 Cent and it’s going viral with over .25 million streams on Spotify, peaked at #4 on ITunes top 100 in Canada, and has debuted internationally on Eminem’s Shade 45 XM radio. Mrs50Cent has mobile billboards around the country at 50 Cent shows including New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Houston. She was also featured in The Breakfast Club, Source Magazine, Hip Hop Since 1987, Lyrical Lemonade Sounds of Summer Playlist and countless blogs. Mrs50Cent also has an international website and TV network on Roku in 19 countries dedicated to 50 Cent. 


What is the ultimate purpose of your open display of affection and admiration towards 50 Cent? 

I want 50 Cent to officially appoint me as President of his fan club and bless me with being inducted as 1st Lady and Kween of G-Unit.  My public displays of affection are so well received by the public! I I also seek to be the next major female artist from Houston with the popularity of Lizzo, Beyonce and Meghan Thee Stallion combined.  


When did you first meet 50 Cent? 

In 1998 Houston, TX, I was a MTV journalist on assignment to discover bourgeoning artists in the area.  I featured stories on 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child and many other major artists before they were famous.  Eventually many of them received record deals.  50 Cent was signed to Columbia Records along with Destiny’s Child.  They recorded a single “Thug Love” but 50 Cent was shot 9-times right before they were going to record the music video and eventually dropped from Columbia Records.  


What makes you think you have the talent to be the next major female artist from Houston? 

I have received reviews from industry critics and fans saying they believe I could become more successful as other Houston female artists such as Beyoncé, Meghan Thee Stallion, & LIZZO. I graduated from the same high school as LIZZO, Alief Elsik in Houston.  My talents aren’t just performing, I’m an artistic creator 24-7.  I live an abstract lifestyle that is outside the box, most people are intrigued by me.  I study linguistics, non-verbal communication, history, religion, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, physics, metaphysics, music, film, television, psychology, physiology and create various methods to express my ideas.   


You seem to enjoy learning about almost everything do you have any degrees? 

I obtained my bachelor's degree from the University of Houston in Psychology. I obtained my master’s degree in professional counseling from the world’s largest Christian college, Liberty University. I have four specialties licenses in psychotherapy and I currently attend Law School at Pepperdine University.  


You are verified by the internationally accredited Psychology Today and have pictures with what appears to be Air Force One, have you counseled the President of the United States? 

Due to client confidentiality, I am not able to discuss my clientele as a psychotherapist but I can say I have Top Secret security clearance and high ranking clients within the government along with major celebrities as clients. So many people call me delusional, I’m obviously not delusional. They have no idea how mentally sound I am and have to be to fulfill my occupational obligations. 

What are the next steps for you paying homage to 50 Cent? 

Releasing a preview of my music video, then I will attend shows on 50 Cent’s Final Lap World Tour and release more homage to 50 Cent.  I am hopeful he inducts me into the G-Unit Family as Kween and 1st Lady of G-Unit and invites me on his Final Lap world tour.

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