Flyboi Rell drops off potent 'Okami' album


Raleigh, North Carolina artist FlyBoi Rell caught our attention recently for his album Okami. The rising emcee and Nomads collective member has been recently building momentum for a series of poignant songs including Okami single “Luck”, which established his character-rich blend of infectious sonics and sharp lyricism. Okami expands upon the style he was going for with “Luck” with an eclectic set of songs that draws from lyrical hip-hop, boom-bap, trap, cloud rap and more, for an engaging LP.

Okami contains a vibrant blend of sounds and styles that gives it unique character. From the trap-laced flare of “Black Crescent” to the jazz-tinged, boom-bap influenced bounce of “Luck”, the album shows that Rell cannot be boxed in to one sound or style. Moreover, he demonstrates an ability to make catchy tracks while keeping his lyrical content thought-provoking, with songs like “Ghost” showing this skill in full light.

Overall, Okami is a strong new project from the rising artist that finds the Nomads artist delivering a sharply-crafted, engaging release. Give it a listen below.

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