ALDAMAR A New Hip Hop King of the Middle East


It seems like just yesterday when hip hop was at the heart of many revolutionary movements. Hip hop captured the hearts of many and shaped today's industry. One Kingpin from the Middle East has thrust it upon himself to change the game and bring back the real values of hip hop. The self-proclaimed King rose to prominence by his electric personality, funky music and groovy sounds will Form colloquialisms of pop culture and capture the imagination of lovers of hip hop.  .Aldamar  hit 120000+ streams on spotify alone since his  "GFUNK Middle East"  album debuted on 2/7/2023 .

ALDAMAR music cashed every cheque and show the young generation how real hip hop is made. It is an edgy unapologetic rendition that amplifies hip-hop culture and the Gfunk values that defined hip-hop! Aldamar has brought back the funky and upbeat rap of yesteryear and putting it together in a contemporary way. Born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain he absorbed the Hiphop culture like a sponge and is announced his arrival on the international music scene with his funky and groovy tunes and authentic style. He  is steadily climbing up the ladder across various continents. Aldamar’s sound is unrivaled with a cadence that's unique and will evoke nostalgic feelings and emotions of the original HIPHOP that will change history. With intonations and inflections that are reminiscent of 2Pac california love, DR.dre the chronic album  and Snoop Dogg’s debut album doggystyle, the same funky nostalgic sound hit us again, Aldamar is surely the undisputed Diamond among ashes poised to change the hip hop industry soon. The "GFUNK Middle East"   album dropped it rocked the hip hop world to the core! From the ashes comes the Middle Eastern king who will grace the biggest and brightest stages the world has to offer. Aldamar isn't here to just get a slice of the cake! He is here to take the whole thing! Go stream his  debut album GFUNK Middle East !

Listen to the album on spotify here: Gfunk Middle East - Album by ALDAMAR | Spotify




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