Jdlino brand and Jdlino world radio celebrate 50 years of hip hop


The world of hip hop has evolved over the years, and now we have a true revival when it comes to new sub-genres and creative musicians unlike never before. Now in 2023 we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip hop. 

It all started in August 1973 when Cindy and Clive Campbell threw a party in their apartment building in New York and DJ Kool Herc created some amazing hip hop beats. After that, many DJs in the South Bronx laid the hip hop foundations during the 1970s. The Jdlino brand along with the Jdlino world radio are here to showcase their own appreciation toward this exceptional, incredible music genre.

How did the Jdlino brand start?

The Jdlino brand is the child of Mr Lino. He had a unique vision to create a powerful empire that spans over Hollywood movie projects and even 7 radio stations. Mr Lino has always been focused on helping people acquire the entertainment they always wanted, be it from celebrities/celebridades or showcase locals that have a great experience. 

It’s also the reason why the Jdlino brand covers a multitude of genres, ranging from country music to salsa, hip hop and reggaeton, along with bachata and many others. That’s the legacy you get with the Jdlino World Radio, diverse musical pieces that help embrace happiness and diversity. You can listen to these radio stations in many locations, including New York, Chicago, Texas, Los Angeles and many others. 

The Jdlino brand is launching a new set of products to celebrate hip hop’s anniversary

The 50th anniversary of hip hop can’t go unnoticed, and that’s why the Jdlino brand is celebrating it in a very distinctive manner. Starting with July 2023, Jdlino is offering a new set of products like the El Padrino sneakers and swimsuits. They are all coming from the Jdlino El Padrino collection, with new collections set to arrive later this year.

You can now enjoy the amazing Jdlino Hard Knocks with a creative design and exceptional comfort. The Jdlino sneakers and swimsuits are made using only the best materials on the market. When you buy these celebratory products, you’re getting the best of the best in the industry, a premium and long-lasting item. 

The sneakers and swimsuit from the Jdlino El Padrino collection are available in limited quantities, so if you are very passionate about hip hop and also want to enjoy some premium, amazing products, these are an exceptional purchase. We highly recommend checking out the Jdlino brand’s exclusive products and celebrate hip hop’s 50th anniversary in style!

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