Bocar shares vivid new song, "FREE"


Bocar, the trailblazing artist of Senegalese and French descent, returns with a refreshing new track in “FREE”, featuring DJ KRUMPYBLAZE. Rising in the Afropop scene with an eclectic, infectious sound, Bocar continues to build momentum with each offering, even attaining a co-sign from the legendary Ne-Yo. Undercurrents of vibrant, lively energy run through each of Bocar’s releases- as he captures and distills a potent, unique Afropop sound that has him in a lane unlike the rest. 

His latest song, “FREE” is another example of Bocar’s vivid songwriting and captivating originality. Ethereal synths contrast sleekly with a pulsating, vital rhythm section, which sets the perfect foundation for Bocar’s atmospheric vocals. His ability to craft focused, ear-worm melodies stands out from the get-go, as he launches into dynamic verses that demonstrate his range. The chorus is effortless and emotive, as he truly captures the feeling of being “FREE” within its breezy melodies. 

Bocar’s latest track is a freeing experience, one that whisks away the listener into another world. Its vibrancy and energy is infectious, melodies difficult to ignore, and its presentation is sleek and smooth. There’s much reason to see why Bocar is a voice to be excited about in the Afropop scene, as he continues his inevitable rise within the music industry. 

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