Bry Luther King - "City On Fire"

Bry Luther King, a dynamic recording artist and the visionary CEO of Black Diamond Music, originally hails from the lively city of West Palm Beach, FL. His formative years, steeped in the musical influences of his parents, who possessed a profound love for music, laid the foundation for Bry's passion. His mother's keyboard and piano skills, coupled with his father's production prowess, created the perfect backdrop for his musical upbringing.

In 2023, Bry Luther King reached new heights by collaborating with Atlanta legends like Fabo and Parlae, as well as local talents such as Skooly and Kap G. Beyond his individual success, Bry remains committed to fostering emerging talent, hosting a quarterly artist showcase in Atlanta that contributes to the city's vibrant music scene. 

The anticipation for Bry Luther King's latest album, "City On Fire," is palpable, as it promises to showcase his unwavering dedication and passion for the art of music. Stay tuned for the continued sparks of creativity that Bry ignites in the world of music!


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