Kardinal Bloo challenges boundaries with expressive 'Birds Rap Too' album

There are some artists that simply challenge your perceptions around a certain sound or style as soon as you hit play. This is true in the case of Texas-born artist Kardinal Bloo, a left-field hip-hop with a penchant for potent lyricism delivered with a captivatingly off-beat charisma. The emcee, who was educated at the University of North Texas where he first began creating music, has earned a reputation for being an exhilarating, charming performer and dedicated wordsmith. He flexes his creative abilities on his new album Birds Rap Too, which is a vivid, potent display of abstract, intriguing hip-hop tracks that play deftly with a variety of flows and production styles.

Birds Rap Too contains a myriad of vibrant instrumentals, from the fast-paced, character-rich rhythms of “SkiddleDeeDoo” to the glorious production on “The Bird In Us”, Kardinal is provided with a variety of soundscapes that play into his versatility. He dismantles these tracks with ease, stringing together verbose, flexible flows that suit these dynamic instrumentals. Leaving few dull moments, Kardinal shines with his outside-the-box style and eclectic taste. Give Birds Rap Too a listen here now.

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