Mannydior Captivates Audiences With Opulent Release "Wealth"


Mannydior has caught our attention for his fresh new video for “Wealth”. A potent, catchy track with a dynamic, diverse sound that blends hip-hop, R&B, and more into a sleek combination- “Wealth” further showcases Mannydior’s sound and style. Booming, crystalline production and poignant flows that blend rap dynamism with melodious tinges characterize “Wealth”, as Mannydior shines as a songwriter with his sharp focus. The stylish, engaging new video, directed by Keaton Jones, really draws in the viewer’s attention with its combination of luxurious aesthetics that suit the track’s themes, with Mannydior’s charismatic performance of the song.

To further break down the release of his engaging new offering “Wealth”, as well as share details about his musical origins and inspirations, Mannydior answered a series of interview questions:

What first inspired you to pursue music?

Music for me started in high school by just messing around with some friends at a home studio set up. It then progressed to an interest that i wanted to explore. Went to college and studied audio production and engineering and then evolved into an artist. 

What’s your creative process like?

It just depends on how im feeling or the mood. Typically, i like to record by myself and take my time. Usually when i hear a beat that i like, i can draw out melodies in my head pretty quickly. 

How has your music evolved over time?

As im still evolving, ive came a long way from where i started, from just starting to learn how to use my voice to my max potential, to lyrics and over all cadence and flows. Also learning how to show emotion and make more serious tracks that listeners and relate to vs the everyday trap music.

Talk about your inspiration behind “Wealth”

Wealth was a track i recorded pretty quickly and didn’t really think much of until relistening a couple times, I freestyle that song over a beat produced my ‘Prod. Molly’. I really just wanted to record something upbeat and hype that supporters could bop their heads to.

What about inspirations for the music video?

The video was supposed to be kind of a run and gun just all around fun video. Didn’t wanna over do it with a crazy video, because the song kinda speaks for its self.

What was your experience like shooting the music video?

Working with Keaton Jones and his team was a blast, very smooth day and i can say, that wealth isnt the only music video we shot that day.

What is up next for you artistically?

I just wanna build and keep this momentum and make something happen. Try my hardest and keep growing, show people what I’m capable of.

Overall, it’s time to get hip to Mannydior, a rising artist with an infectious, memorable sound. If his latest offering “Wealth” is any indication, there’s lots to be excited about with this versatile newcomer. Be sure to connect with Mannydior on social media platforms to watch for updates regarding new music releases and more.

Stream “Wealth” here:

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