#NewVideo Fase 1 - P.T.D.H.M. (Pray They Don't Hate Me)

Step into the gritty world of San Diego's own " Fase 1 ". Take this lyrical journey with him in his latest music video, "P.T.D.H.M. (Pray They Don't Hate Me)." 

When Fase 1 spits, every bar is delivered with raw passion and authenticity. 
Fase 1's powerful lyrics and unwavering intensity, reflects the struggles and triumphs of his journey.
 As the beat thumps in the background, the video captures the essence of Fase 1's artistry, blending deep storytelling with the memories of his life. 

After experiencing the electrifying visuals of "P.T.D.H.M.," fans are invited to stay connected with Fase 1 and his upcoming releases by following him on Instagram @Fase1_3000


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