Dee Havior "Gold Standard" Official Video (@deehavior)

Reputable, Detroit-based indie rapper Dee Havior releases the official video to his single "Gold Standard." 

A sonic backdrop ushered by striking drums and keys set the tone for the premise of the record. Dee Havior, through vividly sharp wordplay and storytelling, depicts what it's like to idolize hustlers. He pinpoints the risks they take to make a name for themselves. Dee Havior shares a timeline of his own experiences.

In the present day, Dee Havior is goal focused on his career shooting for gold status. The hook not only resonates but reiterates the potency of the record and Dee Havior's gripping lyrical performance. “This is gold standard this the paper route how every rebel where I’m from tried to make it out, if you get caught slipping n*ggas take you out.”

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