Versatile Rapper and Songwriter FLO Inspires Millions with His Journey

Musicians are known for their fame, success, and flashy lifestyles. However, behind most of these flamboyant lifestyles lies an inspirational journey of rising from the bottom to success. Some of these artists, such as FLO the songwriter, are self-made creatives who believe in their potential, rising against all odds to live their dream.

Chicago native and hip-hop artist FLO took the music scene by storm with his debut solo album, Perseverance, which has gained significant popularity across the country. The sensational rapper recently released his latest track, "For The Customer," in collaboration with Twista, another Chicago rap icon, a single that was even picked up by Power 92.3FM. FLO has also worked with and collaborated on songs with other top talents, including Crucial Conflict, Lil Flip, Lil Wyte, Do or Die, Kobe Honeycutt, and many more. 

FLO writes his songs to share his journey and experiences with others. He knows that there are millions of people out there who are working hard on their dreams. To him, life can sometimes push you to the limit, but FLO says that no matter how tough it gets, never give up. Throughout his career, FLO has faced and overcame numerous hurdles. However, his biggest challenge in life was helping family members and friends battle their drug and alcohol addictions.

 "I have several family members who had an addiction to heroin and other friends and family with alcohol issues as well," FLO adds. This impacted FLO and his ability to write and compose his music.

Luckily, FLO was determined to succeed in life and as an artist. This meant working hard, pushing the limits, and learning from every challenge. As a result, the passionate rapper overcame all these challenges by working closely with people who believed in his dreams.

"Through my music, I'd like to share that you can just be yourself and still get to a successful destination if you just be consistent with your efforts." FLO adds.

Success is a journey, and FLO believes that much is yet to come from his work. His biggest dream is to leverage his talent and skills, inspiring the average person to go after their dream. To him, the objective is to see everyone believe in their dreams and work towards bringing them to life.  

"I really want my listeners to know that they are not alone in the world. I'd like to be able to share that vision through this music in many ways. Sometimes I may be sad or hurt, and other songs I write may be kind of fun. I just want to write in the present so that when people are on this journey of life, they can feel in their present moment that I, too, went through the same," FLO explains.

FLO is also confident of releasing more singles and collaborating with other exceptional talents. Part of his dream is to also tour the world, engaging with his fan base and hopefully inspiring them to keep fighting for something bigger or just let loose and have fun.

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